Aging Parents Driving You Crazy?

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One in three Adults in America will tell ya:

There are those times when caring for our aging parents can make Blindfolded Chainsaw Juggling seem like child’s play.

“Look… I get it,”  says Eldercare Expert Diane Berardi

Diane’s been a practicing Gerontologist for over 30 years, has helped tens of thousands of families grow older together without losing their minds.

And, on top of that… she is herself a child of two “colorful” aging parents–Joe and Annette whom she jokes about a lot on the show.

She’s seen it all.  From the funny things like: “soup bowls” filled with pills, and one client who just couldn’t seem to keep his pants on in public, to three dozen cats in the bedroom, to a makeshift oxygen gizmo draped over the kitchen stove.

She’s also seen more than her share of  nightmare situations–the kind that keep you awake at night– like elder’s being abused by “trusted” friends and family caregivers and senseless tragedies that could have easily been avoided.

Veteran eldercare expert, Diane Berardi shows you how.

Every week on Parents Are Hard To Raise, Diane reveals cool, innovative (and some off-the-wall) ways to help your parents age more gracefully, and maintain their independence.

And let’s get real… the less we have to worry about mom and dad, the less stress we have in our own hectic lives.  Dealing effectively with the changing needs of our aging parents is all about information… quality, trusted information .  And on that, Diane delivers big time.

Expert Elder Advice, with a Jersey Attitude.   

Don’t let her soft spokenness and kind, compassionate way fool you.  When she sees a wrong in need of righting, she dons a superhero cape, and dips into that no-holds-barred Jersey Attitude to flip things right again.

You’ll find no tiptoeing around the tough issues here.  Diane tackles them head on, and without apologies or political correctness. She believes that when something’s wrong, you have to call it out for what it is– if you have any hope of solving it.   And to do otherwise, is to do harm.

The unique thing about Diane’s messages is that each one is a call to action.

Children of Aging Parents don’t just listen to Diane, they take notes; and replay her podcasts over and over—and they use her advice to make real and lasting changes in their lives and in the lives of their aging parents.

Each week our producers get hundreds of emails from Diane’s listeners telling her just how big a difference her words, encouragement and advice have made in their lives. She’s brought more people together than the promise of free beer.

No Eldercare Expert delivers the goods like Diane Berardi.  Her work shoes her depth of working knowledge and her incredible penchant for research. Every week, she goes out in search of information her listeners truly need– soliciting ideas from some of the greatest minds in the profession.

Drawing from her vast network of personal and professional relationships with Geriactric Medical and Nursing Experts from around the world, to experts in Security, Technology, Psychology and Sociology,  to Elder Law and Financial and Estate Management, she gathers together interesting, topical and informative topics for every show.  She then adds her own personal take and viewpoints based on decades of working one-on-one with thousands of families.  She holds nothing back…

Every episode of Parents Are Hard To Raise is chock full of timely, fun and unique tips, tricks and counterintuitive, high tech strategies to help your parents deal with their changing physical, emotional, medical, financial and social needs– and help you keep your sanity in the process.  All delivered in a short, fun, upbeat and inspirational package that’s quick and easy to listen to.  It’s Expert Elder Advice, with a Jersey Attitude.

There’s No Substitute For Hands On Experience 

With over 3 decades experience helping elders and their families maintain their independence in a complex ever-changing healthcare system, Diane is a wealthspring of quality, time-tested resources for today’s children of aging parents.  And that’s not all… Diane regularly brings in guest experts in gerontology and geriatric medicine, eldercare law, pharmacy science, estate and financial planning, insurance, and social services to share their knowledge with her listeners and followers.

A Huge Winner–Right Out Of The Gate

Since the show’s national launch in early 2017, Parents Are Hard To Raise instantly enjoyed explosive growth- with devoted Baby Boomer and Gen-X listeners tuning in weekly from all regions of the United States and Canada, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, South Africa, India, Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and even the tiny Republic of San Marino.

People Just don’t listen to Diane…

They listen again and again.

“God Bless you Diane Berardi, and the work you do.  When Bill, the love of my life had his stroke and I thought I would come apart,  you took all the stress away. Words can’t begin to express how much your kindness and guidance helped our family heal.  Bill and I are back living, loving and laughing again!”

Gloria & Bill Freeman, Charleston, South Carolina USA

“Dear Diane… On Behalf of the entire Weiss Family, we can’t thank you enough for your help.  Without your help we never could have afforded to care for Mom at home. You are so sweet & have such a big heart.”

The Weiss Family, Lavallette, New Jersey USA

“I listen every week for your advice.  J’apprécie les folies d’Annette et Joe (I appreciate the follies of ‘Annette and Joe’).  It makes me laugh. My french parents are quite the same.”

Sabine Moreau, Avignon, France

“Diane, I love your show.  You are so sweet.  I never miss a week. I listen along with my mom and we are learning so much about things we never thought we needed to know.  Thank you for what you do.”

Marietta Lopez, Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA

“Ciao Diane,  I am a gerontologist at a hospital in Bologna, Italy and I very much love your show.   This is such an important topic and I am happy to hear it being discussed so openly and complete. Brava!”

Dott. Donatella Giambi, Your Content Goes Here

Dear Diane.  My husband Alexandre and I are doctors in Barcelona.  We are also ‘children of aging parents’.  We listen to you every week and enjoy your stories.  We share many of the same experiences.  Your work is very important, may it long continue.”

Dra. Beatrlu Balaguer, Barcelona, Spain
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