How the most common deadly infections plaguing our elderly work… and how to recognize and prevent them.

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Infections pose a clear and present danger to our aging parents.

One third of all deaths in adults over 65 are the result of some type of infectious disease. And, even though the elderly are more susceptible to infection overall, those with dementia or those who are in long-term care are at an even greater risk.

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial for us as caregivers and children of aging parents to learn about the types of infections our aging parents are most susceptible to, and what we might do to prevent them.

If we know what to look for and stay alert to any changes in our parent’s health, and then take steps to ward off any infections that might be preventable, we can help promote better health for our aging parents and substantially improve their quality of life.

This week, in an extended presentation Diane answers a flood of listener emails about infections:
• How infections work
• The types of infections that are most common in the elderly,
• The typical symptoms of those infections,
• How those are typically treated and,
• What can be done to prevent them from happening in the first place.