Free Expert Eldercare Advice… with a Jersey Accent.

Every day in America 10,000 Baby-boomers turn 65. These same people who were recently raising their kids, are now faced with raising their parents.  And they are all asking themselves important questions: How do I help my parents live out the rest of their days in peace and freedom and not lose my own freedom and peace in the process?

The same generation that turned to the guide, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, for help at the start of life, is now looking for a guide for the end. And they’ve found it, not in a book, but in an upbeat weekly talk show called Parents Are Hard To Raise.

Parents Are Hard To Raise is chock full of timely, fun and unique tips, tricks and counterintuitive strategies to help you help your aging parents deal with their changing physical, emotional, medical, financial and social needs.

All delivered in a fun, quick-and-easy-to-listen-to, upbeat format that one critic called, “Expert Eldercare Advice, with a Jersey Accent.”

There’s No Substitute For Hands On Experience 

With over three decades experience helping elders and their families maintain their independence in a complex ever-changing healthcare system, Diane is a wellspring of quality, time-tested resources for today’s children of aging parents.

And that’s not all… Diane regularly brings in guest experts in gerontology and geriatric medicine, eldercare law, pharmacy science, crime and scam prevention, estate and financial planning, insurance, and social services to share their knowledge with our listeners.

A Huge Hit — Right Out Of The Gate

Since the show’s national launch in early 2017, Parents Are Hard To Raise has instantly enjoyed explosive growth- with devoted Baby Boomer and Gen-X listeners tuning in weekly from all regions of the United States and Canada, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, South Africa, India, Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and even the tiny Republic of San Marino.

Today we have devoted weekly listeners in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and 37 other countries… making Parents Are Hard To Raise the most listened to eldercare broadcast on planet earth.

A Trusted Resource For Professionals and lay Caregivers the World Over

One of the unexpected benefits of the show has come from the worldwide medical and eldercare community.

Thanks to the iHeart Radio Network and with our podcast now being made on being available on iTunes, Google Play and every major podcast platform, the show has become somewhat of an unofficial continuing education resource for Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Caregivers, Lawmakers and Eldercare Professionals the world over.  And for that we couldn’t be more blessed or humbled.

So, if you know a healthcare professional who deals with the elderly, please tell them about the show, and show them how they can listen.

From all of us in our New York and London studios… Thanks for listening and being a part of this worldwide eldercare movement.