High-tech Caregiving

Tech apps, gadgets make it easier for seniors to age in place

By. Beverly Nelson When you live far from your senior parents but you still have to manage their care, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Mom doesn’t want to leave her home, but you have your own work and family obligations that need tending, and you can’t just go to her. It might seem

#39 Does Parkinson’s Disease have a smell? Here’s what the Scientists have to say…

This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise…Parkinson’s Disease… how to recognize the early symptoms, some innovative self help tips, plus new technology and scientific breakthroughs that are offering some real help. Links Folinic Acid and Parkinson's Disease https://scienceofparkinsons.com/tag/folinic-acid/ https://www.pharmaceutical-journal.com/news-and-analysis/research-briefing/folinic-acid-shows-potential-for-parkinsons-disease-in-fruit-flies/20202514.article https://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/press/press-releases/2017/march/new-research-suggests-bowel-cancer-medication-could-help-combat-early-onset-parkinson2019s-disease Parkinson's disease detected by smell http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-42252411 High- intensity exercise can

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