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Aging Parents Driving You Crazy?

Rest Easy.  Help Has Arrived!

Look.  I get it…

I’ve been a practicing Gerontologist for over 30 years, and have helped tens of thousands of families, as I say on the show, “grow older together without losing their minds.”

And, on top of that, I’ve got two wonderfully crazy parents of my own… Joe and Annette (aka “Cuff and Link” as my brother calls them)… who do what they can to keep me on my toes. If you’re a long-term listener, you’ve heard me joke about them on the show.  And no doubt, you’ve gotten a chance to hear directly from them (in all their crazy glory) on a few special episodes.

Believe me, I’ve seen it all.  From the funny things— like one client who just couldn’t seem to keep his pants on in public— to three dozen cats and a dog in a tiny one bedroom apartment— to this weird, do-it-yourself, Popular Mechanics-looking gizmo that held a rolled-up coil of oxygen tubing, which would have been great, if it wasn’t hanging right above the open flames of the kitchen stove (how that poor man did not burn his home down, I’ll never know).

I’ve seen more than my share of nightmares, too. The inhumane, unfathomable kind— that still keep me awake at night. Elder’s being abused by “trusted” friends, court appointed guardians and family caregivers. As well as senseless tragedies, which could have easily been avoided with just a little bit of timely knowledge.

That’s why Parents Are Hard To Raise Radio Was Created…

When I was first approached about doing the show, I don’t mind telling you that I was scared stiff. Sure, I’m used to talking with plenty of people, but that’s face to face or over the telephone. Me host a radio show? No. That’s not anything I ever would have come up with on my own.

But then, when the producers of the show explained just how needed good information on eldercare is, and how hard it is to find, I bit the bullet, chased the butterflies away and said yes. Now, although the butterflies are still there, I’m really glad I did.

I’ve got a great and talented (although somewhat intense) team here. Every week this little army of ours makes me look good while I bring you the latest tips, tools, strategies and high-tech gizmos that can help your parents age more gracefully, and maintain their independence, and help you keep what’s left of your sanity in the process.

And let’s get real for a moment…

Truth be told, the less we have to worry about mom and dad, the less stress we add to our own hectic lives.  Right?

Dealing effectively with the changing needs of our aging parents is all about information… Sound, quality, trusted information.  And that is exactly what we’re committed to bringing you every week.

So, come join us. And, while you’re at it, bring a friend. They’ll be awful glad you did.


Expert Eldercare Advice… with a Jersey Accent.

Our team is working hard, behind the scenes, to assure every episode of Parents Are Hard To Raise is chock full of timely, fun and unique tips, tricks and counterintuitive strategies to help you help your parents deal with their changing physical, emotional, medical, financial and social needs.

All delivered in a fun, quick-and-easy-to-listen-to, upbeat format that one critic called, “Expert Eldercare Advice, with a Jersey Accent.”

There’s No Substitute For Hands On Experience 

With over three decades experience helping elders and their families maintain their independence in a complex ever-changing healthcare system, Diane is a wellspring of quality, time-tested resources for today’s children of aging parents.

And that’s not all… Diane regularly brings in guest experts in gerontology and geriatric medicine, eldercare law, pharmacy science, crime and scam prevention, estate and financial planning, insurance, and social services to share their knowledge with our listeners.

A Huge Hit — Right Out Of The Gate

Since the show’s national launch in early 2017, Parents Are Hard To Raise has instantly enjoyed explosive growth- with devoted Baby Boomer and Gen-X listeners tuning in weekly from all regions of the United States and Canada, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, South Africa, India, Brazil, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and even the tiny Republic of San Marino.

A Trusted Resource For Professional Caregivers the World Over

One of the unexpected benefits of the show has come from the worldwide medical and eldercare community.

In our association with the iHeart Radio Network and with our podcast now being made on being available on iTunes, Google Play and every major podcast player for iPhone and Android— the show has become somewhat of an unofficial continuing education resource for Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Caregivers, Lawmakers and Eldercare Professionals the world over. And we’re most proud of that.

So, if you know a healthcare professional who deals with the elderly, please tell them about the show, and show them how they can listen.

From all of us in our New York and London studios… Thanks for listening and being a part of this worldwide movement.

People Just don’t listen to Diane…

They listen again and again.

“God Bless you Diane Berardi, and the work you do.  When Bill, the love of my life had his stroke and I thought I would come apart,  you took all the stress away. Words can’t begin to express how much your kindness and guidance helped our family heal.  Bill and I are back living, loving and laughing again!”

Gloria & Bill Freeman, Charleston, South Carolina USA

“Dear Diane… On Behalf of the entire Weiss Family, we can’t thank you enough for your help.  Without your help we never could have afforded to care for Mom at home. You are so sweet & have such a big heart.”

The Weiss Family, Lavallette, New Jersey USA

“I listen every week for your advice.  J’apprécie les folies d’Annette et Joe (I appreciate the follies of ‘Annette and Joe’).  It makes me laugh. My french parents are quite the same.”

Sabine Moreau, Avignon, France

“Diane, I love your show.  You are so sweet.  I never miss a week. I listen along with my mom and we are learning so much about things we never thought we needed to know.  Thank you for what you do.”

Marietta Lopez, Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA

“Ciao Diane,  I am a gerontologist at a hospital in Bologna, Italy and I very much love your show.   This is such an important topic and I am happy to hear it being discussed so openly and complete. Brava!”

Dott. Donatella Giambi, Your Content Goes Here

Dear Diane.  My husband Alexandre and I are doctors in Barcelona.  We are also ‘children of aging parents’.  We listen to you every week and enjoy your stories.  We share many of the same experiences.  Your work is very important, may it long continue.”

Dra. Beatrlu Balaguer, Barcelona, Spain
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