Crime against the Elderly is Skyrocketing…

As children of aging parents we need to be on the lookout for our parent’s safety and welfare.

As a Gerontologist and Eldercare consultant my patients welfare and safety is my top priority. Families who can’t be there all the time hire me to be their eyes and ears and professional advocate. But even those who are close by work with me because I know what to look for.

I’ve been dealing with safety risks in eldercare for over 30 years and I’ve seen more than my share of situations that keep you up all night wondering what kind of societal short circuiting could cause us to treat our elders in some of the ways we do.  I know the warning signs too well, and after this week’s show you will too.

Use the information on this week’s show to crime-proof your aging parents.

This week my guest on the show is Anthony Colandro.  Mr Colandro is a nationally recognized personal security expert who has been training police officers, security specialists and personal bodyguards for over 30-years.  Mr Colandro shared some really great and creative tips to help keep our parents safe.  It’s a great show that I know you’ll be going back to again and again, and it’s one you should be passing along to everyone you know who has an elderly relative or friend they care about.