What’s four-foot nine-inches tall, clad in plaid and sitting on your doorstep with a note pinned to it? Give up? Surprise! Now she’s your problem… This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… Granny-dumping


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  1. Dr. Reginald Davenport March 19, 2018 at 12:30 pm - Reply

    As a G.P. in Great Britain, I see this trend as troubling. Prolonged caregiving and chronic illness render severe amounts of stress upon family caregivers, and as Physicians there is little we can do to ease such stress–save, perhaps treat all of our families with empathy and point them to social services that might be able to help. But I agree, we as doctors need to do more to recognize the signs of caregiver stress. After listening I am now more aware. Thank You, Diane.

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