The issue of legal mental competency can be a complicated and emotion-packed subject, even under the best of circumstances.  This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… Diane’s special guest, forensic psychologist, Dr. Gianni Pirelli, pulls back the curtain on a common problem, we’d all rather not think about.

Sane or insane competent or not… The answers to these complex legal questions lie at the intersection where the science of psychology and the justice system meet. And that’s where we find this week’s guest expert. Dr. Gianni Pirelli is a board certified forensic psychologist and adjunct professor of forensic psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Montclair State. University and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

His research has been featured in USA Today, Psychology Today and cited in briefs to the New York Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Dr. Perelli currently serves as the editor of the State Psychological Association’s Journal, The New Jersey Psychologist and as an editorial board member for a leading forensic psychology journal law on human behavior. He is the author of three textbooks including The Ethical Practice of Forensic Psychology published by Oxford University Press.

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