Elder Abuse

The Dirty Little Secret Probate Courts Hope you Never Find Out- Investigative reporter Gretchen Hammond – Episode #134

Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Here Are Some Handy Links To The People, Products, Books, Services and Resources Discussed On This Episode   Take Diane with you... and listen whenever you want, wherever you want, and how often

Elder Scams Update – Detective Joe Roubicek All That’s New in the… Flim-Flam, Conman, Crime-fighting Boogaloo- Episode #96

This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… our favorite crime fighter and elder-exploitation super sleuth, Detective Joe Roubicek, is back to update us on the current cons, scams and flim-flams targeting us and our aging parents. Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Here

V.A. Benefits- First Changes Since Civil War- What you need to know now. Amos Goodall, Esq. #87

The U.S. Veterans Administration Benefits Plan Announces 1st Changes Since Civil War What does this mean for Veterans? Amos Goodall, Esq. President of the National Elder Law Foundation is back to discuss how these changes affect Veterans and their dependents.  If you or your aging parent is a veteran, you're going to want to

Medical Kidnapping and “Death By Hospice” Two Dirty Little Secrets Uncovered- Marti Oakley #86

Medical Kidnap and "Death by Hospice" Two Dirty little secrets nobody’s willing to talk about… Until now! Radio talk show personality and activist Marti Oakley has dared to ask the question: are rules and regulations intentionally being written to encourage the Medical system to systematically "cull" the very sick and the old from

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