#30 Assisted Living. Good Idea or not?

Assisted Living   A listener from Madrid, Spain asks the question… Is Assisted Living the right way to go for an aging parent whose spouse and caretaker has passed away?   Plus… Doing this for just 48 minutes a week can dramatically change your parents life. Follow Diane:

#25 Innovative Eldercare Living Solutions

Don't even think about moving your parents in with you until you've listened to this week's episode. Plus... Can your current sleeping patterns actually determine your future dementia risks?  Follow Diane: FaceBook Twitter Having your parents come live with you may not be the best option... In

#13 What does your Poo say about You?

This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… 7 tips to prevent hearing loss. A cool way for your parent to become a superhero for a troubled teen. And…What does your POO say about YOU!?      Resources and links for episode 13 Here's a link to

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